Mar 16, 2018

diy st. patrick's day shirts

I've always loved St. Patrick's Day (embarrassingly so), I even have the shamrock and argyle-clad socks to prove it, so I couldn't pass up an opportunity to involve the kiddos in a bit of Irish festivities. It's been awhile since I've done anything too crafty and I thought what better way to ease myself back into the DIY game than some easy iron-on tees?? 


plain green tees
iron-on letters
an iron


01. wash your shirts before applying the letters. I also tumble-dried my shirts because if they shrink I'd rather it happen before I add the letters, that way they won't look wonky after I dry it later on.

02. brainstorm a cute saying and figure out your layout. Play around with your letter arrangement and spacing to find out the look you're going for.

03. follow the directions on your letter packaging, preheat your iron and iron on your letters.


*I bought my shirts from You can buy cheaper shirts from the craft store but these shirts from Primary are soooo soft and well worth their cost, and they have a 20% off coupon for your first order! I bought this long sleeve classic tee for Bruce and this long sleeve PJ top for Rose.

*Out of all the iron on letters I've used before, these from Hobby Lobby were my favorite to work with. They simply peeled off and adhered well to the shirts.

*Be sure that your iron is hot enough! I've made the mistake of not having a hot enough iron to melt the glue in the past and my letters started coming off after I washed them for the first time.

I love the way these turned out even more than I thought I would! And, I've gotta say, they look even cuter on my two (one unwilling) models!