Mar 19, 2020


as a stay at home mom, entertaining kids is kind of my specialty, yet we're about the finish the first week of social distancing and i'm already beginning to wonder how the heck we're going to make it through the next few weeks without going to the library or target...

before having kids, i was a total homebody! i loved staying home any chance i could and binge-watching all the shows my parents didn't let me watch as a kid lol. but now i jump at any available opportunity to get out of the house with bruce and rose just to shake things up and prevent myself from going stir crazy.

a typical week for us looks something like this:
monday and wednesday are library days, tuesday or friday we go to the park (weather permitting), thursday is family outing day with nate, saturday is "hair day", and sunday we go church.

now all of that has been canceled lol. we may still go to the park once the sun decides to come back, but we'll see.

anyway, i've been doing some brainstorming on pinterest and instagram trying to come up with a wide range of activities to keep myself and my kids engaged and stimulated until this whole pandemic issue ends (fingers crossed) and i thought it might be beneficial to share with you. 

potato stamping

potato stamping has been on my list for a long time. you can stamp on plain dish towels like this, or just paper. i love that the design options are literally anything you can imagine -- or you could simply slice the potato in half and stamp lumpy circles haha. you can also get creative with the veggies! i've seen people use sweet potatoes, onions, even a bunch of celery rubber-banded together. they sky is the limit!

blow up balloons and have a dance party

is there a child out there who doesn't love balloons?? well yes -- rose. but she loves dancing!

paint butterfly wings using cardboard

how cute are these?? all you need is one or two big pieces of cardboard, paint and string for the shoulder straps. let the kids go nuts painting their own set of wings -- they are going to be obbsessed! *crown optional

from mermag blog

read a book (or 10)

when things are getting a bit crazy and tensions are on the rise, i've realized that the best way to diffuse that tension is to sit down with the kiddos and read a few books. it calms the kids down and relaxes you in the process :)

make rainbows

everyone can benefit from the beautiful symbol of hope that a rainbow is! if you look on pinterest, there is no shortage of rainbow-inspired crafts. my favorite, like the collage rainbow below, are ones that the kids are able to do mostly on their own. they can even cut out their own shapes if they know how to use safety scissors.

make your own play-doh

molly from almost makes perfect recently shared a great two-ingredient play-doh recipe on her blog. it's perfect for using up those old bottles of conditioner that somehow keep piling up in the back of the bathroom cabinet haha. just me?

collage art

i love collage art for kids because it allows them so much freedom of expression with the colors and objects they use, as well as where they choose to glue them down. bruce is three years old and rose is two and collage works great for both of their ages. bonus point because it can double as 2-3 crafts in one! first, paint a few pages. second, cut shapes out of the pages that where painted. third, put them all back together again as a collage! 

get out in nature

if you have the ability to get to the mountains or especially a water source -- be it the ocean, a river or creek -- i can't recommend it enough. water 100% has restorative properties. but even just a walk around the neighborhood or playing with the hose in the backyard works wonders. if your kids have plastic animals (we love schleich dinosaurs), let them use the hose to make a mud puddle and splash their animals around in it. 

use those toilet paper tubes

...that you may or may not be hoarding ;) there are so many fun things you can make with toilet paper or paper towel tubes! i have an entire pinterest board dedicated crafts using carboard boxes and tubes. check it out for a ton of inspiration. these trojan horses are my fav, tho i might use yarn instead of tissue paper for the mane and tail.

extra long bathtime

kids and moms will agree that bathtime is the best. since rose doesn't nap much anymore, it's pretty much the only time i get a break. so why not extend it a little more by adding a few unusual elements? to keep it simple: throw a few plastic tupperware bowls and collanders in. you'd be surprised just how exciting this can be haha. if ya feel like being a bit more crazy, these bath crayons and color bath drops look like fun. 

clothespins and popsicle sticks airplanes

the best crafts are the crafts that end up being toys as well. 

send off some snail mail

take a piece of construction paper, cut it in half and let your kid color / paint / glue googly eyes all over it, then fold the paper in half, write a little note inside and send it off! fun for the giver and the reciever.

geometric cardboard shape structures

also double as ninja throwing stars lol!

i made an amazon list filled with supplies for a few of our favorite crafts. you'll also find board games in there, puzzles and a few other fun things. i'll continue to add to it throughout the weeks.

click here to shop

please let me know if you have any more ideas! i love that we can all come together (in our own homes of course lol) as a community during this challenging time. i'm praying for all of you to stay healthy and safe.

Feb 15, 2020


from 2018 (around bruce's second birthday.) i remember writing this; i just wish i had finished.
unfinished or not, these memories are too precious to allow me to keep hiding them away gathering dust in my draft box.

* * *

we just celebrated bruce's second-- that's right, his second birthday last weekend but i'm still having a difficult time believing that it's already been a whole year since his first birthday.

what words does bruce say?

oh boy, what words don't you say? your vocabulary has taken off in the last several months! when rose was born, you had mastered 10-20 words and now you're speaking in sentences and copying everything we say. you give a solid effort on saying all words except when i asked if you could say ukelele -- you flat out refused.

i love the way you say tucker (tuh-tuh) and koda (kola), and the way you talk to your sister melts my heart. you finally stopped referring to her mainly as "baby" and now call her rosy (ro-ey) or sometimes just ro, and i've even heard you call her "sweetheart", something your dad and i must do often.

here are a few of your phrases that are my favorites:

"let go, rosy!" (leh doe, ro-ey) something you say often
"mama, inside now!" when you're done playing outside.
"no thank you, mama." another common one usually said in response to me asking you if you're ready for naptime or a diaper change.
"bye-bye! see ya! drive safe!" said strung together like that every time you climb into your little tikes fire engine.

growth & appearance

your hair came in fast in the last year. on your first birthday, you were still mostly bald and now you have the cutest baby afro.
you receive a lot of attention for your hair.
it's light blonde and usually frizzy, creating a halo effect when the sun hits it just right -- same as mine. when freshly combed, it forms the tiniest of ringlets all over your head.
unfortunately, it's prone to tangle and you hate having your hair combed. it's gotten to a point where you know what's coming and begin cringing and saying "ow" before i ever touch your head.
dad wants to cut it, but i can't bring myself to do that. it's too beautiful!

you weigh 25 lbs, wear size five diapers and 2-3T clothes except for pants, in which you still wear size 12m.
your top and bottom "fangs" finally came in to complete your set of teeth, and boy am i glad you're not a biter because those babies look sharp!

p.s. click here to read about bruce's first month and rose's first month!

Feb 7, 2020



i know i know. it's been way too long since the last time i posted on here but this whole "new year, new you" thing has motivated me to come back. plus i just did a super cute valentine's day craft that i want to share with you!

i actually put together this project for a "sisters craft day" with my local sisters-in-law. i knew i wanted to do something valentine's themed for the upcoming holiday but was having a hard time finding anything on pinterest that wasn't too kid-ish. then i remembered a diy i saw on the almost makes perfect blog and thought i could spice it up real nice for v-day.

not to brag or anything, but i love how it turned out!

now without further ado... the tutorial.



01. set out your paints, brushes, and hearts and paint those bad boys to your heart's content! you may want to lay an old newspaper down to protect the surface you're painting on from spills. 

02. once the paint is dry (the Ceramcoat paints i used dried quick!) you may choose to glue a few of the hearts together to create a look with more dimension. my sisters-in-law did that and they turned out super cute! i chose not to stack mine because i prefer a more minimal look.

03. now is the time to apply the magnets! i purchased two different types of magnets (i linked my fave) and ended up preferring the peel and stick method over needing to use superglue. you may notice in my pictures that the glue bled through one of my smallest hearts, totally wrecking its cuteness! lol
      if you do decide to go the glue-on route, you'll need to let your magnets dry for a few hours before sticking them to anything.

and there you go! i love the way this simple look feels so festive on my refrigerator without overwhelming my home with pink and hearts and glitter hahaha

with a sweet note, and maybe a bit of chocolate, these hearts would be the cutest little valentine's gift for any of your friends.

i hope you enjoy this diy! feel free to share it with your friends and family -- if you do, be sure to share a picture on instagram and tag me! it would make me so happy to see what you create :) 

what do you have planned for valentine's day? i hope you have a happy and love-filled day!

p.s. another simple valentine's day craft and don't forget that st patricks day is coming up!