Wednesday, July 11, 2018

unpublished: mannequins

from 2016(RIP Sport Chalet):

Sport Chalet is creating a small (very athletic) army.

for the past week and a half i've been working in the Long Beach Sport Chalet, helping with the merchandising and organizing of their apparel department. one day, after the boxes full of disassembled mannequins arrived, i walked into the back-stock to see this.

slightly creepy.

slightly modern art installment.

either way, i dig it. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

✂ ✂ ✂

 do you ever get so sick of something that you just want it to be gone and you don't care how it happens or even what the end results look like? 

that was me regarding my hair.

for months my hair has been driving me crazy but i've been at a loss as to what to do with it. i love the look of long curly hair but time and again it's proven to be too much for me to manage. luckily, i love the look of short curly hair, too. 

so a few weeks ago, i took a pair of scissors to my hair and snipped off a few inches. well, no one noticed so i soon took off a few more inches. again, nothing. so i took the plunge and went for the big cut--

five inches be gone!

--and i feel like a brand new woman. i feel like i lost five pounds in one day. a literal weight has been taken off of my shoulders.

if you're feeling stagnant -- like life is at a stand still -- just cut five inches off of your hair and you'll be good to go. it's just hair. it'll grow back. 

maybe i'll cut more off next week.

the sun has dawned on a bright new day.

☀ ☀ ☀

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

12 Things to put in Your Child's Easter Basket Besides Candy

for babies
01. TEETHER - the silicone Nuby Teeth-eez teether was Bruce's favorite as a baby! These bunny eared and textured carrot teethers are fun and festive!

02. SWADDLE - Instead of putting fake grass in your baby's basket, try using a small blanket or swaddle instead. Fake grass can be dangerous to babies if it gets in their mouth, so it's best to avoid it if possible. Aden & Anais swaddles have always been my favorite! They have the cutest designs and are so soft. Bruce still sleeps with his! 

03. BONNET - Babies -- boys and girls -- look stinkin' adorable while wearing bonnets, so why pass on an opportunity to buy them another? 

04. EGG SHAKER - I love egg shakers and am a huge fan of encouraging a love of music in children by giving them musical instrument as toys. These textured shakers are super cute.

05. BOARD BOOK - Rose is too young to care much for books but it's never too early to start building a collection. 

06. STUFFED BUNNY - Any stuffed animal would work, but in the spirit of springtime I like to focus on bunnies and cute baby farm animals. This Jellycat woodland bunny is my favorite bunny of all stuffed bunnies.

for toddlers
01. SNACKS - If your toddler is anything like mine, (s)he's obsessed with "'nacks" and "tweats". Some of Bruce's favorites include peanuts or trail mix, raisins, pretzels, goldfish, fruit snacks, fruit & veggie pouches, and graham crackers.

02. TOYS - Think about your child's favorite toy. If it's a barbie maybe give them a new outfit. How about a new truck to add to your son's collection? Maybe they're reaching new developmental milestones and need something new to challenge them. A wooden puzzle, plastic baby farm animals, or maybe a shape sorting cube.

03. ART SUPPLIES - A box of crayons, watercolors, finger paints and a pad of paper are simple but provide limitless entertainment.

04. SEED PACKETS - Springtime and Easter are celebrations of rebirth (flowers blooming, animals being born, Jesus' resurrection) and what better way to teach this to your child than by growing their own plant babies? A little shovel and rake would be cute additions as well.

05. BALLOONS - Does this even need an explanation? Kids love balloons!

06. HARMONICA - Like I said earlier, I love musical instruments for kids, and your little one will get a kick out of making music with their mouth.

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Magic Monday

It rained for two days straight last week! Bruce loved playing in the puddles left over after the storm passed. I hope you enjoy your Monday just as much as a toddler enjoys puddle-stomping in his cowboy boots!

On this weeks installment of Magic Monday...

I'm obsessed with Zara's new denim line for girls!

You can order a map of the stars from the day you were married (or another special occasion).

Are home renovations necessary? I've always loved the charm of old, quirky houses.

Spread a bit of Easter cheer with these DIY pastel-dyed pouches!

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