Friday, March 18, 2011

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day! I love St. Patrick's Day. My best friend, Robin, say's it's because I get to pull the "I'm Irish" card and kiss every gorgeous fella that comes my way. Just one of the many benifits of being Irish ;] But that's not the only reason I love St. Patty's day!
#1. I love the color green! A bright green color just makes my soul happy! I was in this phase for a while where I didn't like green. I was kinda rebelling against all the green country-side of everywhere else besides where I live. I think it took places during my parent's 'let's move to Utah!' phase. But I've seen the error of my ways and repented and joined the green-loving people of the world.
#2. I love anything Irish! One day I will go to Ireland and it will be awesome. :]
#3. I love four-leaf clovers AKA "shamrocks". Sam get's all bugged when he see's St. Patrick's Day stuff with clovers on them with only THREE leafs. And he hates it when people call three-leaf clovers shamrocks! Apparently shamrocks are only the four-leaved ones... You have to love Sam, even with his weird quirks.
#4. I love Spring! And St. Patty's day means everything Spring is here! Everything turns green for this holiday! The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, the clover covers the ground, and my beautiful daffodils are smiling. See, everything is green and God is celebrating St. Patrick's Day, too.
#5. I love socks! I have a crazy sock obsession! I own sock's for just about every holiday, but I didn't have any for this holiday! Until now. ON St. Patrick's Day I went shopping and I got myself two pairs of green and shamrock-clad socks! Sam approved since they had actual shamrocks and not just clovers. I chose these ones because, first off, the colors are bomb-tastic. Green and grey together rock. Secondly, the argyl! LOVE IT. And it's just so Irish.
Well, those are all my reasons for loving this incredible holiday. I love all holidays! I'm just a celebrate-y person! I love to decorate and to get dressed up and have little parties or get-togethers. It's so fun! Holidays are a great way to get people together and to bring joy into people's lives and show them that, even in these troubled and crazy times, there are still reason's to have fun and be happy. Holidays are to celebrate living! And friendship and love and joy.
So....Kiss me! I'm Irish!

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