Thursday, August 2, 2018

the freedom of childhood

Summer nights in a leaky pool,
when the air is so hot that the breeze suffocates instead of cools you
and you relish the feeling of the
against your skin.

When the air is so hot that even mama sits in the kiddie pool.

Neither of you is wearing any clothes -- Rose's first time being diaper free outside of the bath.
I envy the freedom of childhood. You haven't yet learned to feel ashamed of your body. No one tells you skin is inappropriate. Your body is the greatest gift you have received and you are using it to the fullest.


In this photo, Bruce is tickling Rose's leg but she's too focused on the water to be affected. These are their personalities to a T.

Bruce, always playing and looking for ways to have fun. Always loving his sister.
Rose, noticing everything from the big dog that just walked by, to the tiny crumb on the palm of her hand and the drop off water running down her arm, and not noticing when her brother is trying to love her just a little too hard.

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