Wednesday, May 4, 2016

33 weeks

I bought my first pair of maternity pants this week! I have only one way to describe them: LIFE-CHANGING. If you're pregnant, don't make the same mistake I did--go and get those maternity pants as soon as you are unable to button your regular pants! I wish I'd done it months ago. They're not the most flattering on my booty, but, come on, style doesn't matter when your comfort/sanity is on the line; am I right? 

While we're on the topic of sanity, I've been thinking that I'm doing great for being sleep deprived. On an average night, I wake up every two hours to rotate which side I'm sleeping on, but by 5 AM my hips are unbelievably sore, increasing my need to rotate to every 30 minutes. I don't know how side sleepers do it night after night for their entire life. This week we added something new to the mix, too: an insomniac baby whose favorite nighttime (and daytime!) activity is kicking mom in the ribs, and let me tell you, it is painful. You wouldn't think that a four-pound infant's kicks and pushes would be that big of a deal, but they are. It literally, and I do mean literally, feels like he's trying to fight his way out of me. I'm afraid he's going to turn out to be a little hellion. 

The best moment from this week was meeting my new doctor! After losing my job at the end of March (and losing my insurance along with it), I was having some anxiety about finding a new OB that I would like this late in my pregnancy. But I got lucky! I received a referral from a friend of a friend for an OB that she loved and had a great first appointment, with a beautiful ultrasound of my baby boy. I think that was the first, maybe second, time I cried during an ultrasound. I saw his face so clearly on the screen, with lips just like his dads. The relief from knowing that he's OK flooded my emotions. It was a wonderful feeling. 

The next seven weeks can't go by fast enough; I just hope I can make it through without a broken rib. 

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