Wednesday, March 30, 2016

scenes : from my neighbourhood

Whenever I'm asked by an old friend where I'm currently living I know to usually expect one of two reactions: Either they will nod their head and say, "Oh nice. That's nice." and I get the suspicion that they don't know whether it really is "nice" or not. Or they crinkle their nose and say, "Torrance?" then proceed to give one reason or another why they're sorry for me and I respond with an "I love Torrance!" My neighborhood is quiet and lovely. Sure, the sidewalks are uneven from the tree roots pushing through, and some of the houses could use a paint job or a mowed lawn -- hey, it's no Beverly Hills -- but the imperfections give it charm.

To tell the truth, I haven't always been so fond of this city. Having just come from wide-open Acton, the transition into city living felt suffocating at times. I learned to enjoy the differences, though, and Torrance has become my home. But, who knows how long we'll be here? I know when we do move away someday I will miss it here but I like to think that I'll learn to love wherever we call home, too.

A majority of these photos were taken in an alleyway between houses (which I love!). I think the contrast between the industrial look of the cinder block walls and power lines and the softness of nature slowly creeping over them is so beautiful. 


  1. Not only are you 3rd generation California girl but you have some awesome family history in Torrance as well. I think it's in your blood to love it where you have such "roots". Plus you are so sweet and amiable. You have great strength and ability to adapt. I adore that about you! There is beauty everywhere and you are expert at finding it because you bring beauty wherever you go! I love how easily citrus grows on the coast there. That is heaven right there! :)

    1. haha, seriously! It seems like every other house has a lemon or an orange tree growing in the yard.

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