Tuesday, February 2, 2016

20 weeks

I have made it halfway! I'm finally beginning to feel like I can breathe in this pregnancy. Maybe because it's now out in the open and I'm able to share my thoughts easily, I feel more secure. Also, there's obvious physical evidence of my "condition" these days....

My belly has been growing at an exponential rate during the last two weeks. I have a pregnancy app that tells me about the ways my baby is developing and growing, and when I opened it up on Saturday morning I was surprised to see that my baby was now 10 inches long! That's four more inches than last week. I thought, "Well that explains my giant belly!" It turns out that at 20 weeks babies have usually stretched out enough to being measuring from head to toe instead of from head to bum. So I guess my giant belly is just a result of my constant snacking.

I feel the baby kick regularly, usually in the evenings while I'm laying in bed reading or watching a movie with Nate. Nate has yet to feel the baby move. I know that he will have the best reaction when he does, so I'm looking forward to that moment. He's so excited to be a dad. It's been a long road getting us to this point, and our eagerness to be parents has only grown with time. I was recently telling a friend about a dream I had about my baby and how I was sad to wake up and discover that it was only a dream. Her reply was, "Enjoy being pregnant!" And I am! Though, I feel as if I've been waiting forever for this baby.

I think Nate is enjoying me being pregnant, too, because I made dinner every night last week that I wasn't working. I told him that the reason is that I love food so more than I used to so making meals has become much more interesting. And my maternal instinct is growing, giving me the desire to take care of something, and Nate is the lucky recipient.

We find out on Thursday whether our baby is a boy or a girl! Let's hear your guesses! So far the majority of our families have guessed boy. We'll see if they're right.

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