Monday, January 18, 2016

18 Weeks

One of the benefits of pregnancy is no longer feeling guilty when asking someone to share their food with you.

Seriously, though, I'm hungry ALL THE TIME. I eat breakfast, an hour later I'm starving again, and so goes the entire day. It's a big difference from my first trimester when I didn't have an appetite and had to force myself to eat anything other than oranges.

On a more exciting note, I am finally starting to show! I feel like I've been showing for a month, and not buttoning my pants for three, but now if I wear a tight-fitting shirt it's obvious that I either ate an extra large burrito for lunch or I'm pregnant -- hurray!

I recently told one of my coworkers that I wished I looked more like I'm pregnant because then I would have an obvious excuse for being caught snacking in the back room at work twice in one day (!!!), and for being out of breath after walking to the front of the store and back. One time I tried jumping up to sit on the high counter (stupid idea, I know) during our daily morning meeting and I made it maybe five inches off the ground? Now I have to sit on the low counter, off to the side and all by myself like a weirdo.

Anyway, I'm pregnant! And not that anything has gone wrong, but because of my history of miscarriages, this pregnancy feels oppressively fragile. I thought that feeling might subside with the second trimester, but the anxiety still builds between my monthly doctor visits. I'm looking forward to reaching the point of being able to feel the baby move on a daily basis and hoping that my nerves will calm then. Maybe by then it will also sink in that I'm going to have a baby is just five months. Five months, people. I had lunch with a friend this week and we spent a good portion of the time talking about all things pregnancy/baby. At one point the topic of baby poop was brought up and I couldn't help but think, "This is my life now; discussing child poo in the middle of a restaurant." I'm happy, though. I could do without the poop but if that's what having a family takes then I'm happy about that, too. 


  1. Yaaayy a baby bump pic!! You're the cutest!! Welcome to the worry of motherhood, you're thoughts will never be the same ;) but I won't talk about poop unless u want to hehe love u! xo