Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Reasons I Love October

I know I said on Instagram that I will never be ready for summer to end (when does summer ever really end in southern California, though?) but I can never be unhappy when October rolls around. I love October. I will always be ready for October. I wish it were October year-round, and no, I would not get sick of it.

It's my birth month. 
I don't know if it's the same for those born in other months, but I really love the month of my birth and so do all of the other October babies I know. It's just an awesome month for celebrating because school is in session and the holiday season rush hasn't kicked in yet, so there are minimal crowds wherever you want to go. Plus, if you want to go somewhere scenic it's particularly gorgeous this time of year, which brings me to my next point. . .

Orange is my favorite color and it is EVERYWHERE. 
My nails are painted orange, the shirt I picked out for Nate to wear is orange, the shirt I picked out for myself to wear is orange, if I had a child the shirt I picked out for him to wear would be orange. I have a theory about why I like orange so much.

being on every porch and sold in front of every grocery store. I love that Instagram, Facebook, and every other social media platform is filled to the brim with these orange beauties.

Cooler weather and being able to sleep under a quilt again. 
I'm such a hot sleeper, but I love having blankets on me while I'm sleeping which makes it pretty miserable when it's still 80°F after the sun goes down. That's why October is the best; it's warm during the day and cool at night.

Also being able to keep the windows open all day. 
October days are the perfect combination of warm sunshine and a cool breeze.

Apparently it's international Dinosaur month? 
Is anyone else just finding this out? I feel like I should have known this because it completely solidifies my theory that October is the best.

The Dodger's are in the postseason!

Soup. Soup. Soup. 
I love soup. Ask any of my coworkers. I have soup for lunch every day.

Wearing layers. 
Like any true LA girl, I love a good t-shirt and jeans combo, but I enjoy being able to mix it up once in a while by throwing on a flannel or scarf. October is perfect for this because it's usually warm during the day and cool enough in the morning and evening to get my fill. Basically, if you haven't realized this by now, I think October weather is perfect.

I can stay inside to read a book and not melt. 
Plus, with the sun setting so much earlier now, I don't need to make any excuses to stay home and catch up on my reading.

Oh, and the sky!
Clouds have always been one of my favorite things, and the clouds are INSANE in October. Thunderheads all day, every day, baby.

And how could I almost forget Halloween?
Because candy, and scary movies, and dressing up, and candy.

Thanks for reading! I love making lists; it makes me happy to think about all of the things that I enjoy. What about you? Do you love October, too? When is your favorite time of year?


  1. Yes! I love October too!! You have inspired me! Now I know why I love it so much!! :-)

  2. October is a really great season, but it's so COLD in London, I just want to curl up into a ball wrapped in a thick blanket with a hot water bottle tucked inside :) I'd love if it was a bit warmer around here!

    1. Oh, I loooove London! I only spent a week there a few summers ago, but I was blown away by the beauty of your city. I really hope to be able to visit again someday.

  3. You know, I actually do wish we experienced Fall/Autumn here in Australia during the month of October especially, but instead we're in Spring.


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