Saturday, April 11, 2015

For The Love of A Bookcase

It's officially spring, and spring cleaning has me thoroughly in its grasp. I went through our kitchen last night, emptying the drawers, cleaning out the cupboards, and getting rid of all of the excess. It's insane how much stuff Nathan and I have accumulated in our 22 months of marriage. I guess that's what happens when merging two separate lives into one: lots of stuff! 

Things became especially cramped around here when Nate's mom put his childhood home up for sale and we lost our free storage space (:P). Everything Nathan has saved--beginning at the time of his birth until this moment--is now in our living room, leaving me feeling a little crazy and our apartment feeling more like a storage unit than a home. Hence the unstoppable desire to, "just give it away." Something both of us have said more than once over the last few days

This bookcase has been saving my life. It's the first thing I reorganized, and now it serves as a reminder when I'm knee deep in a mess to take a deep breath and clear my mind. This place will be livable again soon.


  1. Same thing over here! I'm constantly going through and getting rid of stuff. Our donation pile never stops growing! The good thing is that it forces me to be more mindful of what I'm adding to the house or buying for the kids. : )

    1. It really is a never ending cycle. I like the awareness that it brings, too. Nowadays when I go shopping I only buy things that I know we need now, rather than piling up things I think are cute or that we might need someday. It's a freeing feeling : ]


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