Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chantry Flats & Sturtevant Falls

For Christmas I gave Nate a book full of trails in the Angeles National Forest, so over the weekend we picked out an easy one and set out! Once we arrived at Chantry Flats we discovered that many others had the same great idea that we did! At first we were a little put-off by how many people were there as we hadn't realized that this trail was so popular, and we prefer hiking in solitude to enjoy the sounds of nature, but once we got started we immediately understood why. The short two miles, almost completely flat, walk through Santa Anita Canyon to Sturtevant Falls was incredibly scenic with ivy covered trees, ferns clinging to rocky walls, and a small stream flowing between dozens of tiny weekend cabins. We were completely immersed in the beauty of the place, wondering what it might be like to live up here. We dreamed of the day we could escape the city, find a home in the wilderness, and raise mountain babes.

At the base of the falls, we sat eating our jerky and observing everyone milling about -- one little boy was having fun jumping from rock to rock in the pool but slipped, soaking his shoes. We decided to continue two more miles up the trail to Spruce Grove campground. That part of the trail was more inclined and, therefore, less popular, giving us that feeling we love of being alone in this natural world. We wish that days like these happened more often, but until then these days will surely be cherished.


  1. Beautiful. Your photo journalism is fantastic!

  2. Wow sounds so magical, so many beautiful pictures too! Love that you guys are so 'dreamy' together:) And I love that you got a pic of the two of you! A benefit of having people around;)


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