Friday, September 5, 2014

some of the things i like

part one

red hair
ballet slippers
a field full of flowers
a delicious limeade
the dream of having a family
all of my cats
being an introvert
sitting on our couch next to my love, drinking hot apple cider
laying in bed reading, also next to my love
pink lips
my little brothers
girlfriends who like to hold hands
piano music
clouds of all shapes and sizes
the color of the sea during a storm
the sea in general
black leopards/jaguars
when I'm walking in the mountains surrounded by pine trees and the accompanying smell
the daydream of him taking me to London
and the daydream of having a house...
...and the contradictory daydream of never settling down in one place
cottage houses
English gardens
large, open windows
foggy mornings
the way the earth smells after a good rain
Vincent Van Gogh
my collection of seashells and other beach finds
candles and vases filled with flowers
chandeliers in ordinary rooms
the color navy
also robin egg blue
him in a suit
books, books, books
bookstores and the undeniable magic they hold
my curly hair (sometimes)
white linen sheets
white walls
dark wood floors
listening to older people tell stories of their youth
the chubbiness of baby cheeks
the Hebrew language
his lips
his hands
Russian literature
racing in sailboats
the accomplished feeling after reaching the top of the mountain
galloping on a horse
being home

this post was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Bridget of Deer Circus.


  1. I loved reading your list + seeing we share many daydreams! Thanks for letting me know you made one, I really enjoyed taking a peek. I started my second list, and I think you'll see we really do have many things in common. ; )

    Beautiful snapshots, too, my dear.

  2. awesome pictures!! and what a lovely list! i can relate to so many things on it :)

  3. what a lovely list, I love foggy mornings and vases filled with flowers too :)

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  4. stunning photos and i love the list!


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