Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Tribute

My dear father in law passed away on Sunday morning after battling with leukemia and lymphoma for the past seventeen months. Kevin is a wonderful man, with the kindest heart. I will forever treasure these past few days that I have had with his family and friends, listening to stories about his life and learning of his impact on the world. 

I'm grateful that I was able to capture this sweet moment early last week, between father and son before we parted ways. I know that it is everyone's desire to remember Kevin in the fullness of his life before this illness overtook his body, but I couldn't pass the tenderness of this moment. It was so sweet to witness their love for one another. Nathan inherited so many qualities that I admire from his father, including the endearing way that Kevin has always treated his wife, Nancee. In all of the home videos we watched, every time the camera was turned towards Nancee you always heard Kevin saying something along the lines of , "wow, who's this beautiful gal?" or, "look at this babe!". Kevin has always referred to Nancee as his sweetheart, and I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful that he showed his son what true and whole love is, and now it is our turn to carry on that legacy to our future children.

True, that this is a time of great sorrow, it can also be a time of great rejoicing! I can rejoice in the time we were given to spend with this great man, for the lessons learned from him, and the blessings that he made possible for his family to receive through dedication to our Savior.

Families are forever!

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