Friday, August 1, 2014

A Day Without Television

This past Wednesday was declared by Nate and I to be a day of no television, which later turned into a day of no television or internet, or stove, or refrigerator, or power in general as the Edison crew busily worked outside of our apartment complex, changing the old, splitting telephone poles out for new, pretty ones.  How convenient for us, as it made our goal of no TV so much easier to keep without the ability to even turn it on.

What did we do with our evening instead of spending it glued to our electronics, you ask?  Well, it was quite enjoyable.  

First we put on our swimsuits, then drove the few minutes to where earth meets the sea.  As we eased our way into the ocean, first our toes, next our ankles, the up our legs, I was surprised to discover that it was not the usual chill that greeted us, but a pleasant warmth embraced our bodies, inviting us to step further in, going deeper and deeper until completely surrounded by water and waves.  Only the two of us, alone with the water, sun, and sky.  How could I resist the sweetness of this moment?  True, the water wasn't crystal clear and there was seaweed swirling around our feet, but those things didn't matter because the water was so warm!  I couldn't resist the urge to play mermaid and dive under each wave, forgetting how much I hate getting my hair wet because I'd rather not have to wash it more than necessary, or how long sand stays trapped in its curls.  So we played in the sea.  I felt truly at home holding onto the hand of my love,  bracing ourselves against the push of the water, and being in that moment.

Thank you, my dear, for being my best friend and for wanting me to be yours.

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