Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An instameet at Vasquez Rocks

On Saturday I had to opportunity to visit one of my favorite places, Vasquez Rocks, for what's known as an "Instameet" -- basically a get-together set up by an Instagram user to gather other local Instagrammers to meet, make friends, and take pictures.  This past weekend was the anniversary of the first ever Instameet, so Instagrammers from all over the world met up in all kinds of neat places to participate in the ninth worldwide Instameet.  When I saw a photo of Vasquez Rocks in my feed, announcing an upcoming meet there, I knew that I had to go!  I've been missing to desert so much, and I needed any excuse to explore my hometown again, and to drag Nate around to help him understand my love of the peoples of Instagram.

I met some amazing people on Saturday.  They were all so friendly and inviting, and so talented!  Events like these are a great growing experience for me.  It's hard for me to get out of my comfort zone sometimes, so I go to these Instameets and I put myself out there.  I like to go, and observe, and take in the candid moments and capture them with a picture, like when Katy tried introducing herself to one of the guys and was completely ignored, or when Ally tripped and nearly missed sliding down the rocks, or when Mikayla compared her feet to those of a Hobbit.  People are interesting and fun to be around; I'm glad I was able to make friends with them all, and it's nice to have a face to put with the photos I see on Instagram.  

It was a gorgeous day!  The temperature finally cooled down after slaying us all week long, and the sky was the perfect shade of blue, with the lightest, wispiest clouds -- just the way I love it.  Nate and I arrived at the park a little early so that he could get some rappelling in while I took pictures from the safety of the rock.  Rappelling is the one thing I am truly terrified of (well, that, and the ski lift gondola at Mammoth Mountain) and I can't explain it.  It's not a fear of heights because I could stand at the very edge of that cliff face without any apprehension of falling.  It's also not really a fear of the rope not being able to support me since I can rock climb without a second thought.  It's irrational, so I avoid it.  

I love the memories behind these photos, and I hope that you enjoy looking at them.  I also hope that your weekend was a lovely one.

(all of the photos in square format were taken by fellow Instagrammers: @joshtelles || @jewan93 || @asenseofhuber || @matterismental || @joshtelles || @popscure || the rest were taken and edited by me)

(if you would like to see more photos from Vasquez Rocks check out #thatvasquezmeet on Instagram, and also #wwim9 to view photos from Instameets around the world)

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