Thursday, December 19, 2013

When I Grow Up

I love hearing about what kids want to be when they grow up!  This week I've been spending a bit of time thinking about all the grand ideas I had for myself, so I put together a list! Of everything I've ever wanted to be, or still want to be, "when I grow up."

   1. An astronaut!
As a kid I always loved the moon and the stars, and as I've gotten older my fascination keeps increasing.  My parents have a book at their house that is packed with all sorts of information about outer space.  Every question you could think of was in that book, and I spent so much time looking it all through.  
I gave up on that dream when I realized how much math you needed to know to become one, and I detested math.  I wish I had used my dream as a motivation to get better instead of letting it stop me.  
If there comes a day in my lifetime when it's possible for ordinary people to travel to space or live on the moon you can bet that I will be on that first rocket ship.

   2. An artist!
Still one of 'em! I just need to get over this mentality I've developed in thinking that my art needs to be amazing and perfect right away!  It's never going to be that way, even after lots of practice there will always be a way to improve.  I have aaaalways loved drawing.  It was a release.  The feeling that I was creating something beautiful, something personal.  It came easy to me.  I was good at it.  Am good at it.  I just need to sit down and go.

   3. A fashion designer!
I'm not sure where this idea came from but I remember thinking that designers were such classy people and that I wanted to be as well-dressed and beautiful as they were (I was a vain child).  I even had a little notebook to draw all my brilliant designs in ;]

   4. A veterinarian!
Not the most original idea but, ooooh how I love animals!  Making them feel better would be the best thing ever, right??  That is until I realized that the job description included more than just giving kisses and cuddles and did not want to have anything to do with that.  I was also a wussy.  Still am. . .

   5. A news journalist!
I still haven't put this dream to rest.  I discovered my love for writing when I was in my teen years a required to write papers for different classes I was in.  That's why I started this blog as a creative outlet.  I picked journalism as a writing career because, even though I tried my hand being a novelist -- I have a notebook filled with the opening pages of so many stories -- I discovered that I prefer writing about facts and events.  My biggest journaling dream is to be stationed in Israel, writing about the situations over there.  My next biggest is to work for National Geographic Magazine and travel around the world. 

   6. A momma!
Definitely still on my list.  Being a mom has always been my #1 goal even as teeny, tiny little thing.  Even while having all of these spectacular dreams it was always in the back of my mind I would never let any of these things get in the way of this one.  I blame my parents and their chose of having eight kids -- EIGHT KIDS.  I loved my childhood.  Maybe it was crazy, but I always had love and security in my life because of my family.  As a kid it always made sense to me that I needed to take my turn and provide that same haven for children of my own.

   7. A fighter pilot!
I spent my childhood surrounded by boys, what can I say?  I thought it would be really exciting.

There are a lot of other but these seven were the big ones. What kind of things did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?

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