Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All Is Merry

We have a Christmas tree! Last week Nate and I went to find a tree in the Home Depot parking lot and we came home with the cutest five foot tall tree. It's the perfect size! 

This is Nates first time EVER having a real Christmas tree, and it's been fun teaching him all about tree ownership and the proper care and keeping of trees ;] He was nervous about buying a real Christmas tree because he had been imagining that they would be expensive, so it was a nice surprise to him to be able to buy our little one for less than 20 bucks. While we were shopping around in the Christmas tree lost he remarked, "This actually is fun!" 

Here are a few picture I took. I ended up rearranging our whole living area for these pictures because I didn't like the lighting on our tree where it was at. I love the light that shines through our balcony door in the late afternoon; it's so warm and comfy. 

We don't have a tree skirt so I improvised using Nate's Mexican blanket. Don't you love it??

These little figurines were an early Christmas present from my mom and sister. They represent Nate & I on the skiing trip we were on when he proposed to me. We love them! Don't you?
 This is our dining set-up after the rearrangement. This wall used to be stacked with boxes we haven't unpacked yet, and that worked for a while, but it started to get cluttered. I like this much better!

As Nate & I are starting our family we're excited to come up with traditions of our own! What are some Christmas traditions that you love? Leave a comment below. xo


  1. Ahhh I love love love your darling tree and the "skirt"!! It is so fitting for you guys, make it permanent :) And of course I love your ornaments ;) I try to add a new ornament each year, ideally to make one, that is a fun tradition. And we always walk or drive neighborhoods to look at lights. And drink lots of hot cocoa :)

  2. We juuuust might! And hot cocoa is a must :] We just have to figure out where all the good Christmas lights are around here :]


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