Friday, October 18, 2013

Home Sweet Home

We have internet! Finally! In the week that Nate and I have lived in our apartment I'm so glad that I haven't had much down-time, with working, and commuting, and unpacking, because I honestly don't know what people did with all of there time before the internet came around. Especially in a new city! Without friends, or any idea of where anything is, it can be a bit of a challenge.

So much has happened in the last two weeks, we've hardly had time to breathe. On October 4th Nate had an interview with a company called Bruder Toys, a German toy tractor company with a branch in Hawthorne, and later that evening they called him back to say he got the job! We spent weekend house-sitting for my parents, then on Monday 7th we drove down to Torrance to do a little apartment hunting. By the end of the day we knew what we wanted, so on Tuesday we filled out the paper-work, Wednesday was Nate's first day, Friday I spent packing all of our belongings, and by Friday evening we were all moved in. Whew! It must be some kind of record.

Our apartment is so cute and tiny with piles of boxes, some empty and some still full, everywhere. Both mine and Nate's clothes don't all fit in the closet, and half of my shoes haven't made it all the way down here yet. But we have a fully furnished kitchen, minus a refrigerator. For now a couple of ice chests are handling that job. Here are some things I love about our new home:
  1.  Our kitchen is completely white.
  2. We only have to drive for ten minutes, max, to find anything we need. From dental floss to acupuncture.
  3. Our new church is almost 100% old people. It's awesome. Old people are so friendly and non-judgmental. It's like having 50 grandparents. Plus: there's a couple who have know mine and Nathans parents since before I was born!
  4. There are palm trees everywhere! Obviously the plant of choice.
  5. We have a heart shaped jacuzzi in our complex.
One problem though. Our apartment is completely lacking a pumpkin or two and I have no idea where around here to find a pumpkin patch. A real pumpkin patch. We might just have to make the drive to Lombardi's. Happy October!

P.S. My birthday is in a week.

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