Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Update on Us

Today was my second week at my new calling in church as . . . nursery assistant! I love it! I absolutely love it. The kids are adorable. I really enjoy getting to know their BIG personalities. Nathan and I like to "baby watch" during sacrament meeting and giggle at all of the funny things the kids do, whether it's smiling at us from across the aisle or throwing a fit because their parent wouldn't let them take a second piece of bread, we find it all very entertaining. I hope their parents find it a little bit entertaining too.

Kids make me so happy. But I'm not really sure when that happened. When I was high school aged, and all of the girls at my church swarmed around the moms and their new babies and would argue about who's turn it was to hold them, I was on the on the other side of the room, staying as far away from those funny smelling munchkins as possible.  Yet now, if you have a baby I will take it from you.

What I love about kids is that they're all so different. What you see is definitely not what you get. The ones you think are troublemakers are really sweethearts, and the ones you think are sweet are just plain crrrazy! But even the crazy ones will surprise you once in a while with a hug or a request for you to play with them.

Nathan and I were married three months ago, today! It has been an adventure of it's own kind. We both took a huge step of dedicating our lives to each other and, while the transitioning is difficult at times, it is definitely worth it. I'm learning so much about Nate, and so much about myself! The more I learn the more I love who he is as a person, as a husband, a protector, and as a father to our future kids.

They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest, and I hope that's true, because so far it's been pretty peachy.

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