Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Here's a quick rodeo round-up of my past week in a few posts, because it has been pretty wild.

10.31 Wednesday: turned out to be a pretty crummy Halloween because of the state of my hair. I recruited  my mom to help out with the cause and it took roughly six hours to get the mess out of my hair. It was no small plight, filled with enough brushing, combing, tugging, ripping, and crying to completely ruin what little hope I had left for the night. No trick-or-treating and no enjoying in the family tradition of watching The Legend of Sleep Hollow followed by this year's "scary movie" pick made by my twelve-year-old brother, The Pirates of The Caribbean. But, luckily for me, we had our annual reading of The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, a personal favorite of mine. Poe is so disturbing, it's delightful! 
    My Papa spent a few days at my house last weekend and he made sure to remind me that my hair was passed down from my dad's mom and my Papa's mom not him, so no blaming him. He also kept telling me what a beauty my hair is, possibly trying to cheer me up. Unfortunately it wasn't helping. My head was in too much pain to remember anything.
    During the process my mom and I figured out that what caused my hair to mat like this was that I hadn't been rinsing out my conditioner. One time a few weeks ago I forgot to rinse it out but I noticed that  my hair stayed curlier and less frizzy, even without gel, because of it. I've left in my conditioners before but I suppose I can't with this new one.

11.1 Thursday: Nicholas was in a car accident. Don't worry, the neck brace was only a precautionary measure. He was pretty upset about having to be driving to the hospital strapped to a stretcher in the back of an ambulance when all he had were a couple of scratches on his head.
    But if you saw his car you wouldn't have been able to believe that was the case. The whole front of his poor Honda Civic were rammed up into his windshield. He was on his way home from work that morning (he works nights) and he decided to get off the freeway at Crown Valley Rd. to check the gas prices, he was only going to get right back on the freeway again. Well he's almost completely blind in his left eye and that's the side the lady hit him on. Nick says that he checked multiple times to see if someone was coming, but somehow with a mixture of the blindness and the tiredness he didn't see her coming until she hit him.
    By some great miracle she saw him pull in front of her with just enough time to swerve forward, hitting the front of his car, rather than the drivers door and Nick himself. He came so close to being dead that morning. And the funny thing is all these mixtures of happenings. Nicholas doesn't usually take the freeway home from work, and even when he does he doesn't usually get off at that exit, but he did. And even after looking twice and three times he didn't see the car coming towards him, yet it was there. And somehow in that split second she had enough reaction time to save my brother's life. He didn't even have a concussion. And coincidentally there was an EMT at the gas station who saw the whole thing and called 911. It's like it was meant to be, but not meant to be. God's hand is in all things. This experience has made that just so obvious to me. He took away the life of one brother, yet saved the other. He is miraculous!

11.2  Friday: Nathan and I took Moose for a walk in the afternoon, we then put him in the round-pen so he could spend the day in the fresh Autumn air. It was a beautiful day, and it was a nice little walk we went on with the three dogs. I was able to show Nate a trail up the canyon that he's never been on before. I love this Fall weather when one can go on a walk during mid-day with melting to a puddle!
    So when we put Moose away Nate noticed that the trough in the round-pen was low on water, so he started to get the hose and I bent over to check under the rim of the trough for spiders before I tipped it over and as I was straightening back up Moose started and I felt this huge pressure hit my backside and knock me forward... Nate called out my name in alarm and Moose pranced away. He kicked me! I was shocked, and bewildered, and appalled! I've never been kicked by a horse before. I've been on the back of horse  when it was stampeding away, been stepped on, bucked, and bitten, but never kicked. Seen it happen in movies, but never thought nice, trained horses actually did that in real life.
    Once I recovered from my initial numbness and throbbing I was furious! How dare that horse kick me for no good reason! I wasn't even behind him, I was right next to his head. He went out of his way to kick me. Of all the appalling, insufferable things to do.... It took me awhile to get over it. Especially when Nate and I went back outside a while and Moose saw us from the distance and whinnied. I couldn't tell him it was meant as an apology or as a mockery... I took it as the latter.

Well that's enough for now! I'll write more about the rest of my experiences from the week tomorrow. I hope that you enjoy these for now. xoxo

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