Friday, October 12, 2012


I'm of to Mammoth Lakes, CA today with my family. It's going to be so fun! Everyone is going to be there, Amanda & Monte, Marshall & Whitney, James & Kami, and Nick! All by him lonesome, hehehe.
  Unfortunately, Nate can't come this time because of school. I'll just have to have fun without him...I haven't even left the house yet and I already miss him.
  We'll be there until Thursday, I'll update every once in a while on the goings-on. In the words of Tigger "It's gonna be great!"
   I did just find out that I have to drive Nick's car up there so that he can sleep and not crash since he worked last night. Which is a bummer, especially since he doesn't have a heater...and I won't be able to read now. Oh well.

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