Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An Experiment In Thought

Hello there, I found this great blog called The One-Minute Writer that supplies small writing prompts to get you writing each day, even if it's just for one minute. It's great! I've been wanted to increase my writing and this is the perfect way to get started. Follow this link to find some prompts for yourself. Today I'm going to go off a prompt from a few days ago called "Introduction". So I'll be writing a bit about myself, but I'm going to do it in story format! I thought that might be a little more interesting...alright, one minute. Ready, go!

     She lingered at the doorway to the room, her head erect, showing an air of confidence as she scanned the room looking for a familiar face. As I watched her I noticed that she was balancing a bit on the balls of her feet as if she were hesitant about being here and might dart away at any moment. I also noticed in her hand was a spiral bound journal of some sorts with papers and notes sticking out in some spots and a pen stuck into a spiral. On the cover a print of Van Gogh's Starry Night, an interesting pick for a girl who appeared to be not more than fifteen years old.
     Finally she gave up on her search and found a seat on the very end of a sofa, cramming herself, more so than necessary, into the arm cushion, as far away as possible from the stranger sitting on the same sofa to her right.
     As I watched her she opened up her journal and flipped through the pages, stopping every so often to look at whatever was on that page. She turned another page and a slight smile crept at the corners of her mouth. I craned my neck, trying to get a look at what triggered this reaction. I was barely able to see over the arm of the sofa but I caught a glance of a small colored photograph of a little boy with a red, and blue, and green feather headdress and a girl with feathers stuck all into her curly hair and behind her ears. The boy wore beaded moccasins that were obviously much to big for his feet, and the girl had on a brown fringed dress with bits of fringe missing here and there. They both looked so innocent and so happy. Under the photo there was a caption that read "Sam & I. Two little Indians." The girl stared at this photo for a while, and the longer she stared the more I noticed her sadness. Where it came from I'm not sure. I tried to read the rest of the words surrounding the photograph, stretching my neck further to do so. I guess she sensed my stares because she looked my way. When our eyes met I felt my cheeks go red from the embarrassment of being caught spying but she just smiled a slight smile, shut her book, then went back to searching the room.
     I kicked myself for being so rude and careless but there was just something about this girl that made me want to know more. She was this strange mixture of shy confidence and it irked me. I can't say why. I wanted to know her soul. But as I watched her watch people I received this strange impression that the more I began to know her as a person the more I would wonder at who she really is.
     A lady walked near and interrupted my musings and the girl's observing by saying something concerning the girl's hair. She smile a sweet smile and I read the words "thank you" fall from her lips. The lady continued in her compliments and reached out to touch the girl's hair twice. She didn't seem to mind, she just kept repeating her thank you's and the lady touched her hair again then walked away. She looked over at me again and smiled. The sadness was mostly gone from her eyes.
      A man approached her now and as he tapped her shoulder and she looked up I saw the most joyful smile I have ever seen spread over her face. She stood up and they embraced, her face squished into his chest. They kissed on the cheek, she picked up her journal, took his hand and together they left the room with her chattering away. I glanced around the room again then went back to my book, her bouncing hair and strange eyes still everywhere in my mind.

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