Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Pulling of The Wisdom Teeth

This is an epic tale of the pulling of the wisdom teeth....

They said I wasn't allowed to eat anything after midnight...What the heck am I going to eat after midnight anyway??
But I didn't want to go to sleep that night because I knew I would be sleeping pretty much for the next two or three days. So I sorta milled around, wanting to eat only for the reason that I knew I wouldn't be able to till after the teeth were gone, but lacking the motivating or the hunger to do so. So I ended up watching Hercules. Good movie.
Friday morning, my mother and I were sitting in the waiting room, they called me in and I said goodbye to her with the thought that I might never see her again. The nurse was very nice, I liked her a lot. She made me laugh and sorta feel relaxed. (As relaxed as you can get in that kind of setting.) After she got me settled into the chair, the dreaded chair, she preceeded to strap one of those blood pressure things onto my arm, put a pulse measuring thing on each of my wrists and another one on my right pointer finger. At one point something started beeping out of control and I thought "oh no, I'm dying!" But the pulse measurer had only just come loose.
Then she started to strap me into the chair, explaining that when the sleep stuff kicks in people tend to want to curl up and get comfy. So they strap you down.
When the doctor came in he went through the formalities: "How are you?" "Good." "Good." Then onto business....first he tied this rubberband thing onto my upper arm suuuper tight to stop the blood flow I guess. A couple seconds of that and my arm was feeling most uncomfortable. Then he began flicking the vein in the crook of my arm for what purpose I do not know. This whole process seemed to be taking FOR_EV_ER. I was beginning to wonder why they didn't just stick the stupid needle in me already! FINALLY he sprayed the really cold stuff on the spot, said the "you're about to feel a little pinch" remark that always sets me on edge, then poked me with the cursed needle. During this whole time I found a nice spot on the ceiling, as always, to focus on so I didn't have to see that thing being stuck into my arm.
After that whole ordeal was over and done, the mask was put into place. Dr. Lang said I would begin to have a metalic taste in the back of my mouth. I remember tasting the metalic and then starting to get really nervous cause I was still very much awake and not feeling woosey at all! Then I was gone.

Weird dreams; strange thoughts; out of this world.

I wake up. I can't focus on anything. Everything's gone. No straps. No monitors. No IVs. The nurse says "Hi, how are you? Just a few seconds and we'll get your mom." Sleep. Wake up again. Focus a little bit better. Nurse says "Hi, are you still seeing two of me? Here hold these to your face. Just a few more seconds and we'll get your mom." Sleep again. Wake up. Mom's here. Nurse explaining things. I'm trying to talk but can't. Mouth filled with gauze. Holding ice packs to my cheeks. Nurse pulls over wheel chair. Helps me stand up. Deep breath. Wheeled out to the car. Helped into the car. Goodbyes. Sleep. "Where are we?" We're mailing your letter." Five minutes later "Where are we?" Explaining. I still don't recognize or remember anything. I'm hungry. Shake from Jack in The Box. Too tired to eat. FOrce it down. Nausea. Sleep. Home. Sleep. Tarzan. Eat yogurt. And then...

The doctor says you're supposed to eat once you get home. He always says you're supposed to take your medicine once right away. But don't take the medicine on an empty stomache. So I eat a bit. Swallow a few pills real fast. Try to finish my yogurt real fast. The pills do the trick real fast and up it all comes real fast before I can get to the bathroom real fast.

After that things go smoother. I make sure to eat enough before I take my pills again. Yet a whole day has gone by and I'm still too nervous to try some more yogurt.

I'll have the sherbet instead. :]

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