Friday, November 5, 2010


College options:

_Southern Virginia University
_Brigham Young University - Hawaii
_BYU Provo
ooor just stay at
_College of The Canyons

I've decided to be an English major. For the time being. But seriously. If I have a degree in English than I can pretty much do anything.

Alright, pro's and con's of each school:

SVU: It's amazing!
Their English program is super.
It's a small school therefore more fitting for my style.
They offer really nice scholarships for both Mormon kids and home schooled kids.
It's way far away though. On the other side of the country. Trips back home may get expensive. :|

BYU-H: It's in Hawaii!
It's a church school. Therefore less expensive and better enviornment.
It is also small..ish.
Robin, my best bud, is going to school there so it would totally rock to be there together :]]
It's in Hawaii. So that means pricey vacation expenses.

BYU Provo: This is my last resort. In case I really need to get away from home but none of the other options work.
Church school, so less expensive.
But it's in Provo. As if Utah isn't bad enough :P
It's the land of eternal marriage proposals from desperate RM's.
But I will have no shortage of new friends, aquantances, and dates. haha.

COC: I can live at home and not worry about rent.
It's super cheap!
It's in California so I don't have to worry about meeting and falling in love with a non-Californian. :P hahaha
The enviornment isn't the best though. Lots of swearing and crudeness :\

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  1. Although it probably seems way stressful to actually decide where you should go, just remember how amazing it is that you have options!! :) I say apply at all of them see which ones you get accepted to and then just pray really hard!! I know you'll make the right choice!!! :)


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