Friday, October 22, 2010

French speaking.

"Don't call me a mindless-philosophy, you over-weight glop of grease!" -C3PO, Star Wars episode IV.
"That malfunctioning little twerp, he tricked me into going over here..." -C3PO

We're watching Star Wars! C3PO is my favorite! He's so negative and cynical that it's hilarious. And the fact that he can't survive without R2D2, yet he would never admit it. And R2...oh man, he's the best. He's got so much attitude. I love 'em both!
Anyways...I just had to post something. I'm getting so lazy about posting these days and it's really starting to bug me.
Mom's at Amanda's for the weekend. I miss her! :\ It's not too bad with Dad home though. She left last night and she's gonna be back Monday night, the day before my birthday! Ya know, it's funny, now that my birthday is almost here I'm actually kinda nervous about it...I'm not sure why. It's just another birthday, after all. I mean, I WILL be 18 but I'm still living at home, I'm not going away to college (at least not for a while..), and the college stuff I am doing isn't even that tough. I will be able to vote though! I mailed in my voters application last week :]] I'm excited about that. I can't wait!
You know you're getting old though when all your friends are either getting married or going on missions... :P I'm kinda unsure about what to write to missionaries. The only ones I've ever written were brothers or cousins. I think I'll get a hang of it soon enough though once I get started. Justin's going to Milan, Italy, I forget where Daniel's going...:\ And Matt's in the MTC preparing to serve in Geneva, Switzerland, French speaking! That's my favorite one yet. Even better than Justin's! If I had my pick between either one of those I would definitely pick Matt's :]]

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