Thursday, October 7, 2010

But mostly sharks.

The other day I was driving home with my mom and I was telling her about all my dreams and adventures I wanna have. At one point she said that I should marry a prince so that I could do all the things I wanted to. :]] She also told me that I should write down all those things I had told her...

+I want to live in a castle. Permanently.
+I want to go to Australia and swim in The Great Barrier Reef.
+I want to swim with sharks. Dolphins also, but mostly sharks.
+I want to travel to China and explore the mountains and all the mountain villages and get to know the people.
+I want to go to India and ride on an elephant. I want an elephant for a pet!
+I also want a tiger for a pet.
+I want to go to South America and canoe down the Amazon river.
+Preferably I would like my castle to be in Switzerland.
+I want a beautiful English cottage style flower garden.
+I wanna go to The South and visit all the places my ancestors used to live and find all my long-lost relatives.
+I also wanna go to the north east and visit all the places and family from my mom's side. And the dairy farm that my dad's mom's family supposedly own!

And that's only a few! I wanna do sooo many things! I hope I can...That's why I need to marry a prince! :D

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