Thursday, September 23, 2010

I, Jessica

Do you ever have those times where you wish you could just erase the things you've done and the things you've written in, say, a diary or journal? But then you can't because, you know, it's HISTORY. That happens to me quite a bit. :P Just recently I've been going through all my old writings and such -- journals, essays, notebooks, -- and I came across something from about 2 years ago: my personal declaration of independence that I wrote for GWU Freshman Prep:
"I, Jessica, declare independence from what the world thinks. I hereby state that I am free from the opinions of the world about what they think I should do and who I should be. I declare the right I have to be myself and to fulfill my mission.
I will hereafter seek the advice of family and friends, but i am no longer obligated to do what they say. My biggest obligation is to myself, and to my God. By declaring my independence I am now free to follow my dreams and to fulfill my mission. I now also have the freedom to find what that mission is.
And with my independence I will increase my understanding, search for truth, discover my mission, and follow my dreams. I will also be a light and an inspiration to those around me, and encourage them to find the purpose in their life and to go after it."

Now, looking back, it seems like your typical hormonal teenage cry to be different. But its true. I've never wanted to be the same as everyone else and I never really was. And I'm also impressed with myself that I wrote something like that at 15! hehe. I love writing.
Oh! That brings me to something else. I've decided that I am going to major in journalism :]] And I think that I'll also continue taking photography classes. I'm really enjoying the one that I'm in right now. I got an 85% in the quiz we had on Monday! Only missed 3 :]] And the teacher really liked the slides I turned in for the assignment we had last week. Hurray!

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