Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I should probably post. Cause I know that if I don't do it now I probably wont get another chance for a few days. It's almost midnight and I'm super tired..although I don't know why. The only really tiring thing I've done all day was go for a walk and, though it was hot, it wasn't really that tiring. Maybe I've just got the Summer lazies.
+My family and I are going to the beach tomorrow! It's gonna be epic. I love the beach.

+ Wow. I really cannot concentrate right now. So I think I'm going to end this before it gets to out of control. Goodnight world!

+Ya know what? I lied. I'm going to continue for a bit longer. Why? Cause I want to! It's my blog, I can do what I want.

+I found out today that my two favorite names, Ian and Joan, are both variations of the name John. Ian is a Scottish form and Joan is a French feminine form. So I thought that was quite the discovery. Plus: I'm Scottish from my momma's side and French from my daddy's side. Lawrence is actually French for victory! (Deriving from its root word "laurel" with is a symbol of victory.)I like names. They're so interesting. Speaking of time I looked up my name on and this is what I found:
"She is an amAzing and beautiful girl with the best smile. She has the effect of brightening up someone's day (even just by smiling). She is absolutely adorable. She sometimes says things without thinking, but she's so cute when she does. She's sooo funny. She smells really nice too. In one word, Jessica is wonderful."
hehehe, I rather liked it :]] I love my name. I used to resent it and wish that my parents had named me something else because it seemed like every other girl had the name Jessica! Everywhere I went, every ward I was in, every school and class I was in there was at least one girl with my name. So it bugged me to always have to be known as "Jessica L." But I've grown out of that, horray! I think my name is beautiful! One of the prettiest. And when I found out that Shakespeare invented it (or at least, popularized it in The Merchant of Venice) it thrilled me! I love Shakespeare, and to think that he created my beautiful name! Wild.

+Well now I think I'll end this for real. No joke. True story. Real life. Lovins!

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