Saturday, July 10, 2010

The most beautiful and intricate dance.

I believe that when you're struggling God tries to comfort you and most of the time its through something quite simple. Back towards the beginning of this year I was dealing with some hard things, the weather was awful and rainy, and my mood was way down. Then the sun started to come out a bit and there was a huge bright rainbow right in front of my house! Once I saw that rainbow I almost burst into tears! I knew then that everything was going to be alright, I knew that God had sent that rainbow just for me and that He was there and looking after me.
This morning I was sitting under one of the trees in our courtyard. This tree I was sitting under is my very favorite tree. It's beautiful! It is sort of like a weeping willow but smaller and it's branches aren't so flimsy. It's basically a canopy tree. And its leaves are every shade of green and yellow you can imagine. Just this tree alone is enough to make me happy. But while I was sitting there, thinking about everything, a butterfly fluttered over and started weaving its way through the branches, occasionally landing on them to flash her giant yellow wings in the morning sun. Soon she was joined by a second, and together they danced the most beautiful and intricate dance between the low-hanging branches, swooping down on the grass, and all around the flowers.
Butterflies have always fascinated me. They seem to go through life with this ease and carelessness as they fly around in this haphazard pattern of sorts, never really seeming to be going anywhere yet getting there all the same, landing with such grace that would seem impossible while watching them fly around in those crazy motions. They are adored by all, hunted by none. They have no natural predators. And they have a very important purpose to plant life with their cross-pollination of flowers and such. Yet, unlike the bee who never seems to rest but still never seems to tire, the butterfly seems to enjoy life. As she rests on the flowers its almost like she is basking in the beauty of everything around her as well as her own. She takes the time to smell the flowers.
I want to be like a butterfly. Skipping from here to there, enjoying the world and the beauty that surrounds me. Wherever they go they make people happy, always leaving in her wake things brighter than before she was there. A butterfly is relaxed and content with her purpose. A butterfly is loved by all.

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