Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fly & Err

+TODAY IS GIRL'S CAMP!!! My last year..*tear tear*. I'm going to be a YCL for the fourth years (yay!). Our theme is "There's no place like home" and our level are the "tin-ladies" :]] I'm in charge of the 'how to protect the environment' certification for fourth years. I just got my poster all finished yesterday and I really like it. It's so cute! At the bottom of the board I drew a little scene with grass and flowers and a tree and these two girls having a camp-out with a tent and campfire. And they were roasting marshmallows :] hehe. It's cute.
Oh, Chloe and I are gonna be all pimped out all week long. It'll be so ghetto. Mis-matched socks, big earrings, bling, big glasses, gangsta hats and bandannas..ah man. Soo legit. Too legit. Too legit to quit. Oh and capes too! Yeah. One is going to say "Fly" and the other is going to say "Err" hahahaha from the AT&T commercial. We'z gonna have our swagg on till the lights go out fo sho.
For some reason I'm really nervous about camp this year. I think it might have something to do with being a YCL, cause this is my first year YCL-ing cause last year I was in Europe over girl's camp. And also this is my last year so it's kinda depressing. And Robobobo isn't going to be there! She's and stinkin' college. Curse you BYU! Girl's camp just isn't going to be the same with out her there..our little clan will be broken up. It'll be like having the Blossom and Bubbles Powerpuff Girls but without Buttercup!
But it'll still be quite epic. Girl's Camp is never not-epic. I'm excited :D

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