Friday, June 18, 2010

A whole ocean and a continent away...

+Lazy day. Random thoughts. Enjoy.
+Non-Laker fans are still being bitter and argumentative over the win. I say "non-Laker fans" because they're not really Celtic fans..they just hate the Lakers so they root for the opposing team. I love it all. I love the Lakers and all the trash they're getting from the rest of the country <3 It amuses me.
+A year ago I was in Italy..I miss Italy! By the end of my trip I was so ready to be home. But now I would go back in a heart-beat! I realized while I was a whole ocean and a continent away that I could live the tourist life. It never bothered me to be living out of a suitcase. To always be getting up and moving from place to place. And my hair's perfect for it cause it doesn't need to be blow-dried or straightened or anything like that :]]
+John's going to be camping at the beach until Tuesday and it's killing me! Not only am I not going to be able to see him till next weekend, but I'm completely jealous! I haven't been beach camping for almost four years. It makes me sad to think about it.
+I didn't get my graduation dress yesterday so Momma, Whitney, and I are going to go out tonight on a girls date while the boys are at their Father/Son camp-out and go shopping, see a movie, things like that. I'm excited.
+What is the correct spelling of "syke?" I'm just curious. In case I need it in the future...
+I like the name Ian. That probably comes from my love of Stephanie Meyers "The Host" character Ian O'Shea. He's so charming. If I had to choose between Ian and "Twilight's" Jacob (TEAM JAKE) I would definatly choose Ian.
+Jordan just got back from Girls Camp! It felt good to talk to her again. She is someone I consider a real best friend. She understands everything about me so well. I can and have talked to her about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and she still doesn't think I'm to strange to be friends with :]] She's not in my life for the gossip. She truly cares and wants to help and doesn't want to see me hurt. She give the best advice. She's the only person, other than my mom, who truly understands me. I love her to death.

Well, I have fulfilled my posting obligation for today. And I've run out of clear thoughts to write about. Peace and Blessings.

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  1. Awe....Jess!!!! I love you! You just made my WEEK! :D :D :D :D :D


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