Friday, June 25, 2010

That was intense.

A few thought from the past week...

+I love learning a persons favorite color. That is one of the first questions I ask someone upon meeting them "what's your favorite color?" You can find out a lot about a person from their favorite color. My little brother's favorite color is green and he is such an out-doorsy, adventure type person. Down to earth, serious, but with a fun side, too. My other little brother's favorite colors are orange and yellow: he is always such a fun person to be around. Almost never serious. But someone you can always count on to make you smile.
Now, my favorite color is blue. But not just any blue. It has to be a bright blue! Like the ocean on a clear day. A cool color, yet bright and full of life! A color most people are drawn to. I feel like that color.
Interesting, huh? So. What's YOUR favorite color? ;]

+Graduation was WONDERFUL! As a senior presentation I recited the whole Declaration of Independence (excluding The 27 Injuries of The King) from memory! It was wonderful! I enjoyed every second of it! Before i got up there I just kept telling myself "Ok, it's just another performance. You're an actor and they're your audience. Just remember your lines." And I did! I only need to look at my notes a few times..but even then I was able to find my spot zippity-quick and carry on like nothing happened! I was so proud of myself <3 A few people came up to me afterwards and told me how wonderful it was and how great I did. I had one person ask me how many words were in that whole thing and I had to honestly say that I had no idea! A lot! And big ones too! "Magnanimity." Wild word, eh?
The march up to the front to our seats was SOO SLOOOW! I think they made it that way on purpose to torture us.. :P
I received my diploma, thousands of pictures were taken, and I am now out of high school and on with the rest of my life!

+That was Saturday, the 19th: Sammy boys birthday! He turned 15. Aw, my baby's all grown up! *tears* I love that kid. Sometimes I wanna murder him. But through it all, he's still my baby brother and I still love him. He's one of the best kids I know. A hard worker, tough, doesn't give much heed to what people think, respects his priesthood, and is an all around good guy! He inspires me in so many ways. I wish I could be as hard a worker as he is: he's my dads right-hand-man and my moms big-helper. He has a passion for learning and for the scriptures that I rarely see in anyone else. I love him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMOO!

+Monday I went to the beach with my family and the new family in the ward: The Harts. It was a lot of fun! They have a 14 year old daughter, Devin, and she's pretty cool. Fun to talk to, with one of the cutest voices I've heard. haha, Sometimes I wish I could have a sweet girly-voice like her. The boys dug a HUGE hole. As tall as Sam! It was wild. Jack and I spent a lot of the time speaking to each other in "Chinese" and playing Avatar (The Last Airbender, not Blue aliens on Pandora..) with each other. We're so excited for the new movie to come out! It looks sooo wild! Oh! There was a dead seal on the beach nearby where we were camped out! It was soo gross! And as the waves washed it around it's skin started to peal of and you could see his blubber! It was kinda creepy...

+Tuesday night was a bon-fire at Cody's! It was so much fun! Last month, at BYC, him, Emily and, I were talking about activities we could do for combined mutual and he mentioned something about having a fire-pit at his house so I was like "Oh my! We should have a huge bon-fire at Cody's!" But we couldn't cause we already had something planned so we had to carry-through. But, this past Sunday, Cody came up to me and invited me over for a bon-fire! I was so excited! And somewhat proud of myself for thinking up the idea in the first place xD

+Now, last but not least on the updates for the past week: Wednesday night we had a water-gun fight at the park! It was sooo fun! I went not planning on playing but just watching cause I had just straightened my hair the day before so I didn't want to get it wet and have to straighten it all over again :P So I was just sitting there, eating watermelon, minding my own business, when Cody and Miguel came out of nowhere and soaked me half to death! After that I had no choice but to join the fight. No way was I going to let them get away with that one! (Don't worry, I got my revenge. Mwah ha ha ha haa!) Halfway through the game though, Cody yelled "Jessica's hair doesn't look wet still!" Me --> O.O "Nooo! Not the hair! It is wet! No more!" But they went for it anyways. Curse them.
So my beautifully straightened hair was turned curly, I froze half to death once the sun went down, and the beautiful art work I did got washed away by all the squirting. But! The girls dominated the boys, we managed to get some of the water from a bucket dumped on Miguel, everyone was soaked to the bone and Kailie had to pee but couldn't cause he jeans were so soaked with water that it was not feasibly possible to take them on and off to use the toilet. haha, She did have all of us girls telling her to just go in her pants and we'd wash it off with our water guns!... xD I love my friends. We're so wild. <3 <3
All considered, good and "bad", it was an EXCELLENT night!

Whew! I'm all caught up on my week. That was intense. Well now that you know all of my happenings: Farewell!

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