Thursday, June 17, 2010

here the adventure begins

Hmm, a blogger now? I think this can work.

I've been thinking lately about how much life changes. You know the phrase "time flies"? Well its become true for me. I think back to my elementary school days at Mitchell ("our school is the best! uh huh!") and that little house on the corner crammed full of all ten members of my family and occasional visitors like Monte crashed on the couch. The days when all my best friends lived right down the street, and we stayed out till the street lamps came on playing tag, riding bikes, and terrorizing the neighborhood. I look at those days and wonder where it all then inseparable best friend I haven't seen in years. The house has long since been sold, the backyard re-done, and the dogs passed on. The books on my shelves have changed from The Magic Tree-House series to novels such as Gone With The Wind and The Count of Monte Cristo.

This Saturday I'm graduating from High School, and yesterday I sent in my college application. Everything about me has changed: my opinions, my friends, my likes and dislikes (except pickles and tomatoes. I could NEVER like those. *gag*). I've developed passions for things I never even gave a second thought to.

So now, as I open up this next chapter of my life, I write. This will be my online journal of sorts. Here the adventure begins.


A bit about me...

My name is Jessica. I'm 17 years old, turning 18 in October. I currently live in this little town of Acton, California on the outskirts of Los Angeles County. All my life I've lived in this area and I love it.

I am the 5th child of the eight amazing children of Randy and Ruth. I love my family to death.
We love movies.
We love UNO.
We love being together. 
Special family talent: we only need to see a movie once and we've got the whole thing memorized and can recite any line, given appropriate prompting. (which Monte, my brother-in-law, LOVES to give.)

I love to read, and yes, I know I'm weird. My friend John teases me to no end about how much I read. To me, reading is the doorway to adventure. It's the spice of life. All the things you would never be able to do in real life you can do in books, whether it's battling dragons or hunting for Russian subs in the English Channel. I would never be able to do any of that, yet I do it every day in my books.

I love anything creative -- painting, drawing, architecture, writing, acting. Shakespeare is my hero. I love the way his plays are real, the way you can relate to the characters, how you can really loathe one character and love another. I consider myself a performer. There's a great energy that comes from the stage. All those tedious hours of rehearsing and doing the same thing over and over are all made up for once you step on that stage, hear the applause and the laughter of the audience. It's like everything in your life has been leading you up to that moment. Shakespeare is especially fun because most people don't understand a word of it so you, as a performer, have to MAKE them understand. That's where the acting comes in ;] You get to be as big of an actor as you possibly can so the audience can enjoy the show :] It's all very exciting.


Well, I think this is where I'll end it. You'll learn the rest in time.

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