Friday, September 9, 2016

Bruce's Baby Blessing

On the day before Bruce's blessing, I put him in his outfit to make sure it fit (nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?) which is did just barely. Any smaller and he would have had a full-on diaper wedgie. He is such a hunk! A cute, cuddly hunk. When I put the bonnet on him I immediately began squealing about how stinkin' cute he looked in it. No one makes me squeal quite like he does. I mean, look at him! He's so squishable. 

The bonnet and romper that Bruce wore was also worn by my brother, Marshall, for his blessing and the shoes were worn by my brother Nick. I love that Bruce was able to wear something with a history. 

Thanks to modern technology, I was able to record Bruce's blessing on my phone and write it down in his baby book. I'm glad that he'll be able to look back at that and think of the blessings he has received, and I hope he cherishes it throughout his lifetime. 

We cherish you, Bruce Tuolumne. You are our blessing. 

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  1. Oh my! He is squishy cute and so adorable! That's so nice you could record and write down his whole blessing. It was such a sweet blessing by his awesome daddy. You are an amazing mommy Jessica. Loves to all 3 of you - bundles of Large goodness!!


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