Thursday, April 21, 2016

Solstice Canyon Ruins

I stopped working a few weeks ago and was finally able to spend a Saturday with Nate doing one of our favorite things: hiking! I hadn't been hiking since the beginning of my pregnancy and I've been itching to get outdoors for the past few months. Nate picked out a perfect hike in Malibu that we've done--a longer version of--once before and so, even with the threat of heavy rain, we hit the trail. Since entering the third trimester of pregnancy my body has been prone to overheating, so hiking in the rain was ideal for keeping my temperature normal. 

At the start of the trail, we were greeted by the noisiest squawking birds. They were so incredibly loud! After searching the trees for a minute, to see what kind of bird was making such a ruckus, we discovered that they were parrots! I had heard previously of wild parrots living in Los Angeles but I hadn't seen one before, so this was quite a treat. I did a bit of research on what kind of parrots they might be and where they came from and found a few interesting theories

There are a few trails that wind through Solstice Canyon and the surrounding mountains. On this trip, we took the main, 2.5-mile round-trip Canyon Trail that ends at a waterfall and the ruins of Roberts Ranch House. Because of my limited mobility, I wasn't allowed (by Nate) to climb to the top of the waterfall with him. I found a comfy rock instead and sat myself down to enjoy the sounds of the creek passing by, the rainfall, and watching Nate scrambling over the boulders. We also enjoyed exploring the ruins while trying to imagine the layout of the house, which rooms were what, and how everything looked before it was destroyed by fire then eventually reclaimed by nature.

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  1. Beautiful!! I saw the wild parrots of OC for the first time at the beginning of April. Pretty cool that they survive here!


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