Tuesday, March 15, 2016

26 weeks

There isn't a cute "bump on the beach" picture for this week. Sorry. The time change has wiped me out like never before and I'm blaming pregnancy. (Although it could be all of those Jelly Bellies I ate on Saturday that made me sick on Sunday.... Hashtag: no regrets.) Even though I took a two-hour nap Sunday afternoon, and went to bed at a normal time, I could just barely drag myself out of bed on Monday morning to get to work on time.

I think my employers are slightly annoyed with me because I have consistently been slightly late for the past few weeks. I still haven't adjusted to how slowly I now move. I used to be able to be up and out the door in ten minutes if I had to, but now, with my limited mobility, it takes me twice the time it used to to put on my pants and shoes. I also can't take just a sandwich and an apple and be set on food for the day, either. No, now I have to pack half the fridge in my lunch bag. Otherwise, I will surely starve.

My new speed is also affecting how much I can get done in a days work. During an eight-hour shift, I used to complete four projects, and now I can do two. Maybe three if I hurry a little. Part of this "slowness" is deliberate. I choose to be more deliberate in the way I get things done. I think every action through completely, considering various options to be sure that it's the right way go to ensure effectiveness. This way I get it right the first time, and that means less walking around and moving things for me! I've always been methodical in my work, but I think I'm taking it to the extreme now. Because, man I'm tired. And I get out of breath if I move too quickly. Blaaah. Enough about work!

Actually, one more thing about the ole Sport Chalet. I guess I've reached the point in pregnancy where it's obvious to strangers that I'm pregnant, and they feel confident enough to comment on it. One customer asked me when I was due and reminded me of the Brian Regan skit when he says, "Never ever ever ever ever ever EVER ask a woman if she's pregnant." Ha! I didn't mind though because I am pregnant! And I'm really excited about it. Another customer, whom I was helping with snow jackets, took all the jackets I was carrying for her, saying, "Oh, these are too heavy for you." Which I appreciated because they were heavy and I didn't want to be carrying them. 

I do get annoyed when I think people are being excessive with the whole "no lifting while pregnant" rule. Two weeks ago, I was helping stack chairs after church was over and I was being incredibly careful. I wasn't bending over or exerting myself in any way (these chairs weigh five pounds, at the most) but the ladies around me began freaking out, insisting that I stop helping with the chairs, and stacked chairs for me while I stood there feeling as useless as a slug. I realize they're only looking out for me, so I try not to be annoyed, and I'll probably appreciate it in a month or two when all I want to do is be a useless, munching slug.

As far as the baby is concerned, he's had his first hiccups this week! He's also been kicking my ribs and the top of my left leg--both of which feel strange. Nate feels him moving all the time now and (like I imagined) has the best reaction every time. Nate also realized that there are less than 100 days until the due date and had a mini panic attack. He started telling the baby to "take your time" and "stay in there as long as you want" but by the end of the day he went right back to saying, "hurry up baby, I can't wait to meet you." 

Time is still flying by for me and it feels crazy to think that I've almost reached the third trimester. Six months ago I was wondering if carrying a baby full-term was ever going to happen for me, and now here I am. June feels so near and yet still so far. My mom carried each of her babies two weeks past her due date, so I'm expecting to do the same but hoping not, because I can't wait to meet this baby!


  1. I love your posts!! I relate to you so much. I can't believe we are only a week apart. Pregnancy is a crazy adventure.

    1. Thank you! Pregnancy is wild, for sure. Wild and amazing :]


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