Thursday, March 3, 2016

24 weeks

Helloooo! It's been four weeks since my last "bumpdate".... My bad! Let's see, what's happened since then?

  • We found out that we're having a boy! And a big one at that. At 20 weeks he was measuring a week ahead and weighing nearly a pound (15 oz). 
  • My latest doctor visit was a huge disappointment. It lasted all of two minutes and neither Nate or myself could see much on the ultrasound. I chalk that up to baby getting bigger and I'm thinking that paying for a 3D ultrasound could be worth it. Thoughts?
  • As far as picking out a name goes, we're at a stand-still. There are a handful of ideas that we're ok with but nothing that we love yet. 
  • I have the appetite of a shark (see above picture) and guzzle water like a camel. Pre-pregnancy I struggled with drinking enough water, but now I easily down the recommended 8-10 cups a day. 
  • Not only has my baby mastered his kicking and punching movements, he's now dabbling in somersaults! It feels a little strange but mostly amazing.
  • Oh and, last but not least, my belly is getting sooo big. I know I mentioned in my last post how big my belly was getting, but it's still growing! I'm kind of amazed at the transformation taking place. Nate grabbed my belly one morning as I was sitting on our bed and exclaimed, "You have a bowling ball inside of you!" It's beginning to feel like a bowling ball, too, as it grows heavier. Bending over has almost become a thing of the past, and these days my pants are only fitting me with the help of a hair tie through the button hole and around the button. I really miss my high-wasted jeans. And sleeping on my stomach! That has been the most trying adjustment. But all the discomfort and inconveniences are bearable--and worth it--when I remember that my growing belly means a growing baby. That is all I can ask for; a healthy, growing baby boy who will one day call me mama and follow Nate around wherever he goes. 
Well, now you're all caught up. I love being pregnant. But I am counting down the days until I can hold this boy in my arms.

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