Saturday, January 16, 2016

scenes : with sea birds

a lone Sandpiper, searching the tideline for snacks.

man vs. wild

this seagull kept watching me out of the corner of his eye.

joining the flock.

people watchers.

a couple of beach walkers walked through a group of seagulls, and away they went.

I love how it feels to be surrounded by birds in flight.

going, going, gone.

One of my favorite beach activities is watching the birds. I love sitting in the sand, as still as can be, waiting to see how close that seagull will get. I love standing ankle-deep in seawater, watching the pipers rush in as the tide recedes, poke around in the sand as quick as they can, then rush away as the waves come flooding back. I love running through a group of seagulls and watching them rise up to the sky in front of me, and I love watching the pelicans soar serenely just above the water, always on the move to somewhere or something.

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  1. Beautiful shots. Beautiful poetry! I love that you can relish the beauty of God's creations by yourself and be spiritually nourished and strengthened. Simply Devine.


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