Thursday, January 21, 2016

scenes : after a storm

there's supposed to be a path in between the rocks and the bushes... not anymore!

a lifeguard leaving after checking in on our beach, because....

there used to be a large mound of sand here with a guard tower on top, but it's gone now after the ocean washed away half of the sand.

piles of seaweed everywhere.

I found our tower!

the waves were amazing! big and tubular, coming in one after the other.

The ocean during a storm is one of my favorite things in the whole world. Two weeks ago, when it rained for three days straight, I would have loved to have spent a few hours on the beach watching the waves crash and feeling the rain on my skin. The usual colors of white and blue are transformed into foamy greens and grays, and the green of the grass on the hillside becomes so much more vibrant when contrasted with these muted colors as the sea churns and the sky rumbles.

Because of work, I was unable to enjoy those scenes this time. But I was not disappointed with my visit a day later. The sky was clear and bright, the sea was still churning with large waves, and the shore with spotted with ocean treasures. Views had been changed in this place that I've grown so familiar with, and I enjoyed discovering all of them.

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