Saturday, July 4, 2015

Taking Stock

I've been slowly filling this out over the past week . . . I needed something to get my mind off all things baby, and brother leaving, so this seemed like a good place to start. Enjoy the rambling randomness:

Making: plans for getting myself back in shape
Cooking: this easy recipe for lemon and garlic chicken is a current favorite
Drinking: (I wish I was drinking:) limeade
Reading: The Brothers Karamazov, still. It's so intense that I can only read a chapter at a time, then give myself time to absorb all the new information
Wanting: a flower garden
Looking: for a new apartment
Playing: games with my little brothers
Deciding: whether I should take kickboxing or ballet classes. So similar, right?
Wishing: for babies, of course
Enjoying: all of the time I was able to spend with my little brother before he left as a missionary for two years
Waiting: to see if my missing crescent moon earring will show up. It's a favorite, so I'm distraught. #firstworldproblems
Liking: my new, short haircut
Wondering: what the future has in store
Loving: the long days of summer
Pondering: how things might change over the next two years
Considering: a change in occupations
Buying: deliberately. I'm trying to do less impulse buying and only purchase things that I've thought about and know that I need
Watching: my flowers grow
Hoping: to get some delicious ice cream tonight
Marveling: at the lemon & lime sugar scrub that my cousins made; my skin is so soft, it's ridiculous!
Cringing: at the pain in my arm from a tetanus shot that I got for the sliver of metal stuck underneath my fingernail
Needing: a lollipop. My old pediatrician always gave me a lollipop after I had a shot
Questioning: the tyranny of my landlord. He recently raised our rent and now I'm thinking a revolt is necessary. It's feeling very Chinese revolution-ish over here
Smelling: grapefruit oil. My mom recently gave me some and I'm obsessed. I even wear it as perfume
Wearing: my new high-waisted jeans, which I LOVE
Noticing: that I'm emotional lately and frequently on the verge of crying
Knowing: that God is in control
Sorting: constantly, it seems. We're slowly but surely ridding ourselves of all the excess
Coveting: anyone with a house
Opening: every single window. Summer, why do you ever leave me?
Giggling: at the noise of the kids playing in the community pool
Feeling: very proud of myself and Nathan for climbing all the way to the top of Mt. Baldy even though we haven't been hiking in months
Snacking: on chocolate covered pretzels. I caved and bought some on my way out of work
Hearing: Nate cheering on the Dodger game


  1. Your words are comfort to my soul as I cry and giggle at the same time. You are amazing sweet daughter. Keep writing! I can never get enough of you my precious hero. Tender strength you are!

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