Monday, March 23, 2015

He Gives

I was looking up baby names on the internet a few mornings ago, as I do every so often, and I found myself on this site that claims that what you name your child has an effect on how their personalities develop, saying that "choosing a name is choosing a fate!" Well I was curious so I looked up mine and Nathan's names, and though neither of the descriptions suited us very well, the original Hebrew meaning of Nathan caught my eye:

"He gave."

I don't think any definition could describe him better. He is a giver, through and through! He is always putting his own desires second to serve the people he cares about. Like hanging out at the museum with me while I stare at gems and minerals for hours, when I know that he would much rather be conquering a mountain or something of that sort. Or putting off his mountain adventures to rescue me from my automobile troubles, giving up his car to me so that I could follow through with my plans as he stays home to fix the problem. He has spent countless Saturdays and weeknights at his parents house helping them with projects that needed to be finished, items that needed sorting, and trees that needed trimming, and though he may grumble about all the things he would rather be doing that's all they are, just grumbles. 

Because he has always been there I know that he will always be there, ready to give of himself whatever is necessary, leaving me feeling lucky and blessed to have this incredible man as my own.

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