Friday, March 13, 2015

Chilao to Devil's Canyon

"Fewer than 20 air miles from downtown Los Angeles is the San Gabriel Wilderness, 36,000 acres of rugged ridge and canyon country forever protected and preserved in its natural state. No roads, no resorts, and no noisy public campgrounds are here, only the primeval sounds of earth--the wind rustling leaves of pines and alders, the stream dancing over boulders and cascades, the wren-tit's staccato call, and, on rare occasions, the mountain lion darting through brush."

This hike is what is referred as an "upside-down" trail, meaning it's downhill on the way in and uphill the whole way out. . . Oh boy, was that was tough! Add on the boulder-hopping, creek-crossing, brush-ducking part of the trail to the waterfall (that we didn't realize that it was an extra two miles from the campsite, making the grand total of miles hiked roughly ten), and you might be able to understand why were so completely exhausted by the end of it. Can you tell that I'm still a little bitter?

The canyon was beautiful though and I enjoyed its serenity. I do think I would have enjoyed my time more if we had been able to see the waterfall at the end of the trail. Because of all of the scrambling we were short on time, and since we weren't sure of the correct distance left to traverse we decided to head back to make sure that we could finish the hike before night set in. We will have to return to Devil's Canyon one day to get that awesome reward of seeing the waterfall. Maybe in a year or two, once all the frustrations we left with fade away. . .

(Excerpt from Trails of The Angeles by John W. Robinson)

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  1. I'm proud of you for completing such a tough hike and with no reward! It's nice to know what beauty surrounds us and so close by! You and Nathan are great discoverers and adventurers!!


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