Friday, March 27, 2015

Canyoneering in Little Santa Anita Canyon

Now, this was a fun adventure! Maybe because of the beautiful scenery? Maybe because my expectations were low . . . all I know is that anything involving waterfalls is bound to be spectacular.

My attitude when starting on this hike was pretty pessimistic. I am absolutely terrified of rappelling, so the thought of going down multiple rappels, one after the other, was not at all appealing. Making it worse was the one mile, uphill, non-shaded (in 90+-degree heat) hike to the creek which looked bone-dry from where I stood. All of these things collectively made me want to plop down where I was and cry, or turn around and wait in the car while Nate continued on alone. But I couldn't let myself do that. Nate has sacrificed so much of his mountain time for me recently that I was determined I wouldn't stop unless he wanted to! No, sir, Nate deserved to do whatever he thought would be fun. That did not stop me from hoping and praying with each new switchback that he would change his mind about the possibility of this fun hike and decide to do something else.

Once we arrived at "First Water", and the beauty of the canyon bottom was revealed to us, my mind was completely changed and I my energy renewed. The creek was flowing, with flowers blooming along it's banks, and butterflies floating above the water's surface, then up into the trees. There were a total of eight rappels, but our ropes weren't needed for two of them. The first rappel was terrifying until I was halfway down and able to let myself relax (going over the edge is always the scariest part), and each rappel following became a little bit easier. I enjoyed being able to go down some of them with no fear or hesitation, and I hope that I will be able to hang on to my newly found courage until the next time it is needed.

(that line around Nathan's feet is not a tan line, it is from dirt! After walking through creeks, rappelling down waterfalls, then climbing up a dusty mountain while still wet we were both pretty filthy.)


  1. That's my girl, I am so HAPPY for you! What a great reward for your love and sacrifice. And you showed great courage! Proud Mama moment! XO

  2. This trail looks awesome! Way to go Jessica and Nathan (:


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