Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dear Baby

Dear baby,

Happy would-be birthday!
Today I am imagining your tiny fingers
and baby blue eyes.
I wonder, is your head topped by a crown of curls?
Maybe your eyes droop down at the edges, just like dad's do.
I wish I could feel the weight of you in my arms
and immerse myself in the sweet aroma of your skin.
I see in my mind the way your father cradles you in his arms,
a look of wonder and pride filling his eyes
as he tries to comprehend that you are his,
you are ours. 

I long to kiss the soles of your feet
and feel your delicate hand wrapped around my fingers.
Every day I dream,
and wonder,
and wish
that you could have stayed.
Every day I pray that you may come back.
Boy or girl
blue eyes or brown
big or small
quiet or loud
you are loved my little one.
I like to imagine that you are happily waiting
patiently to rejoin us here.
I will try to be patient, too.

Sweet baby,
I will never cease to dream about you.
I will close my eyes and wait.
Your daddy & I are so pleased to belong to you.

Love, Mama

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  1. It's hard to see thru my tears as I try to write a comment with feelings unspeakable. I'm practically speechless. How do you know? Your mother instincts are pure and fine. How is that so? Your beauty shine from within. You're gift of written expression is developing into a master talent of a true artist. Thank you Jessica my dear for sharing with courage your innermost tender feelings. You are a gift and a blessing in so many ways. Maybe you could get this published in the ensign magazine or somewhere? Others need to see it. Thank you. I love your soul. XOXOX


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