Friday, April 4, 2014

Sunset Snorkeling || Bluff Cove

You all know the feeling of having an itch that you can't scratch.  You know how it drives you nuts until you until you can finally relieve the tension.  Well, that's how my husband is ALL THE TIME.  A few months ago that itch had to do with ice climbing and a certain Black Diamond ice axe that he did not stop talking about until I finally bought it for him as a birthday present (he loves it).  Now he has a new itch: snorkeling!  A few weeks ago we set out to explore some of the tide pools near our home and they quickly became a new favorite of ours.  

On our first visit, we noticed that this spot seemed to be a favorite of snorkelers and lobster hunters who zipped up their wetsuits, strapped on their fins, and went out to swim among the rocks.  Both of us were intrigued by what we might find living under the water, especially since what was living above the water is already so neat, it could only get better.  Nate's curiosity was sparked and that is all it took.  

Now you have to understand something about Nate's curiosity -- it's not so much curiosity as it is an obsession.  It consumes him and he will not sit still until it has been satisfied.  That's why when he decided that he was going to go snorkeling on Monday after work, he was going to go snorkeling on Monday after work.  Even when Monday turned stormy and windy, which means big, choppy waves on the ocean, there was nothing I could do to stop him.  When he came home from work and I told him that it would be too dangerous to go, especially since he doesn't really know much about snorkeling anyway,  he just said that he would be careful and asked if I wanted to go with him.  I had to say no because there was no way I was going to support such irresponsibility, but then I gave in because I love the way the ocean looks during a storm and if something was going to happen then I needed to be there to make sure he was safe.  

The ocean was glorious!  The tide was high, the waves were big and fast coming in row after row of white capped beauty.  Luckily our cove was secluded from the smashing monsters and Nate only got stuck once for a short while between a small rock and the incoming tide, no harm done.  Even though it was a short visit, and less than expected because of the murkiness of the storm-tossed water, it fed the curiosity and he's satisfied.  For now.  We're going again this weekend.

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