Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Valentine's Day Garland

Yesterday I got off of work early and, instead of going home and just hanging around while I waited for Nate to get home, I decided that I wanted to flex my creative muscles by making something!  So I pulled out my smartphone and pulled up my Pinterest craft board and settled on trying to replicate this Anthropologie felted garland, but with a Valentine's flare.  It turned out so cute!

step one: gather your materials.  You will need felt in a variety of colors, string, and scissors.  I used seven different colors of felt, but, naturally, you can use any variety your little heart desires.

step two: make some strips. Remember, it doesn't matter how perfect they are. Thin or fat, it all looks good.

step three: if you want a fuller garland, cut the middle of your strips a little smaller, so that they look like little bows.  If you like your garland thinner, leave the strips as they are.  I tried both ways and preferred fuller, but the choice is yours.  The two examples below are with the same amount of strips, but in the one on the left the strips were made with thinner middles.

how to cut strips for fuller garland:

step four: cut your string to the desired length of your garland. Remember to add a few extra inches on each end for hanging.

step five: begin tying your strips onto your string! And tie, and tie, and tie :]

step six: finished! Hang, drape, or style your garland however you please. XO

*note* since I live in an apartment and don't really want to put holes in the walls, I hung my garland using Washi Tape, but it isn't the strongest, and my garland kept sliding, so I tied a little knot on the end on my string to hold my garland in place and that seems to have done the trick.

felt from Joann's // washi tape & string from Michaels // idea from Anthropologie


  1. Awesome! Your wall looks so festive with the garland hanging through your photos. It is so beautiful Jessica!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

    1. Thanks mom :] Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  2. It looks so great, I love it! and i love that you hung all your beautiful pics with washi tape too!! Brillant :)

    1. Thank you seester. The washi tape was a Pinterest idea :]


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