Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Monday! || January 13th

Helloooooo!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Did anything interesting happen?  My weekend was really good!  On Friday, the 10th, I was able to get a start on my resolution to never pass up on an adventure by attended my first ever Instagram instameet!  For those of you who don't know,  and "instameet" is an event that is organized by an Instagram user where a bunch of people from the Instagram community gets together at a cool location, the Santa Monica Pier in the instance,  to meet each other and take awesome photos while hanging out with awesome people!  It's a really great experience!  I met some really neat people whose photos I really love!  Even though I couldn't get there until late because of work,  I'm so glad I went.  I was unsure whether I wanted to go or not because it was waaay out of my comfort zone -- driving all the way there by myself,  meeting strangers,  the whole deal.  But it was something that I've always wanted to do since joining Instagram!  Nate was great at supporting me and telling me to go when I was so nervous.  He's a keeper!

Friday was also mine & Nate's two year anniversary of dating & our first kiss.  Awww!  Nate cooked us a tasty meal at home,  then we went to our friends house to watch a movie.  It was a great day.

On Saturday, we made the drive up to Acton, stopping at the LA temple to do a session with my parents.  When we arrived the parking lot was almost completely full,  and there was a line out the temple's front door!  It ended up being a historical night as we participated in the largest endowment session ever!

On Sunday, I saw my best friend for the last time as she gave her farewell talk before leaving for her mission to Wisconsin on Wednesday.  I cannot believe this is happening!  Rachel has been by my side since we were tiny kids and it's crazy to me that we've reached this point in our lives where I'm married and she's going to be a missionary!  I know she's going to kick butt, but I'm going to miss her so much.

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  1. All these pics are gorgeous!! And absolutely love the profile one of you at the beach OMG! So happy you had such a nice weekend and got to venture out, love you xoxo

    1. Thaaanks! One of my favorite instagrammers took that picture of me at the Instameet! My hair was a big hit there, of course ;]


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