Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Birthday!!

Last week was my husband's birthday.  I'm not sure how to write anything to him here without sounding like a big mush ball, but it is his birthday after all, and he deserves something mushy, so you're gonna let me do it, right? :]

This man of mine is something extra special.  First off, he has great present guessing skills!  The second picture is him laughing after I said that I wish I had been recording instead of taking pictures because he honestly guessed every single package correctly.  The way he looks when he laughs is just adorable.  Nate, you are adorable.  I love when you hide when I get home from work, like a kid, and I love that you can't keep from laughing while hiding, even more like a kid.  I love how loud you sing when you're really happy.  I know that I'm not easy to live with sometimes and that some of the things I do really perplex you, so I just want to thank you.  Thank you for making dinner when I don't feel like it.  Thank you for remember to say a prayer together every night.  Thank you for being such a good listener and for always supporting me.  Thank you for working as hard as you do, because I know it isn't always easy, and I am so amazed at your dedication.  Thank you for getting up on the mornings I have 5 or 7 am shifts at work and making a lunch for me.  Thank you for being so dedicated to your father in heaven and for your unwavering faith.  Maybe you don't always feel like a superhero, but you always are to me.  You are my Thor-Nate-o :]  That reminds me, thank you for all of the silly nicknames we have for each other.  I love them.  I couldn't have picked a better person to spend forever with.  Thank you for being my best friend. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, love.  I love you.

(yes, I cried like a baby while writing this.  I'm such a mush.)

P.S. when Nate and I were dating this was one of my favorite songs.  We'd turn it up loud and sing our little hearts out.  

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  1. thats so funny that he guesses all the gifts! He's so funny that he tries to scare you when he gets home and all the other things, such a good hubby :) Oh and beautiful song, I love Katharine McPhee's voice!


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