Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Monday!

. . .Tuesday?  What?  I wanted to post this yesterday as a "happy Monday" but I just never got around to it.
I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  On Friday night Nate & I went to our ward Christmas party.  It was nice getting to know more of our ward members.  My favorite part of the evening though was when the young men performed Silent Night on the bells.  It was beautiful and the young men, being kids from 12-18, were a lot more fun to watch than just any boring bell ringers.
Did anything fun or exciting happen during your weekend?

Here are a few links that I found interesting last week. . .

This is not a photo of Morgan Freeman.

New study of religion has much to say about Mormons.

Who knew that alpacas had such fabulous hair?

The 25 least influential people of 2013 (including Miley Cyrus, Just Bieber, and President Obama??)

Making fun of California's inability to deal with the cold, myself included.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. . .to get engaged!

This song by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera has me bewitched.

This new Coke ad is precious.

I am so over Kanye West.

Thinking of getting someone a pet for Christmas?  A cat perhaps?  Then this instructional video may be helpful!

 This is us being wimpy Californians during last weeks cold spell.

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  1. How true the engagement thing is! I need to find myself a man and catch up to everybody!


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