Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Into The Frizz

Curls Log #245:
Just kidding, this is only #1. But it is the 245th I've complained about/been frustrated with my hair.
I love my hair but it drives me crazy. I think it's kinda neat, but I hate it. So many emotions! And about hair...
Happy Halloween! I'm feeling very "bride of Frankenstein" today with the matted, messy state of my hair. I have been fighting with it tooth and nail (and brush and comb and leave-in de-tangling spray) for the past hour with very little noticeable success. Too bad I'm not going as the bride of Frankenstein this year and that a Native American princess can't get away with having a rats nest for a hair-do.
I would put a picture on this post but I'm actually quite embarrassed at my lack of control over this unruly beast. I don't even know what happened. One day it was curly and awesome and people were giving me compliments left and right on it's beauty, and the next they were steering clear to avoid being caught in it's frightening clutches.
This is the reason I can't dread lock my hair, because it won't mat into cool little sections that look super rad. It will mat into a BALL. *sigh* I will never be rad.
Well, time to get back at it. Wish me luck against the monster. May the battle be over and the victory speedily won!

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